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The Afghanistan Papers and the Unwinnable Forever War

ICYMI - What Star Wars Can Teach the American Military

How 3-D Printers Could Spread Weapons of Mass Destruction

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How America's Refugee Policy Hurts its War Effort

How the AK-74 Became a Fashion Statement

This Is (Probably) How the World Ends

Why People Defend Dictators Online

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Houthi Drones in Saudia Arabia Prove Pseudowar Has Come to the Middle East

ICYMI : How Commercial Drones Changed War

How the Future of War and Propaganda Started in Russia

On the Frontlines of America's Neo-Fascist Insurgency

The Brewing Conflict in Syria's Refugee Camps

ICYMI: On the frontlines during the last days of Standing Rock

Nuclear Sponges and the New Nuclear Arms Race

Libya Is the Future of War

Eating at KFC in Kurdistan

America’s Foreign Policy Has a Cold War Hangover

ICYMI: How the Allies Trolled Hitler With Magick

Bellingcat Talks Tankers, Deepfakes, and State Propaganda

Iran and America’s Complicated Recent History

War Robots, AI Targeting in Megacities, and Other Things We Learned From the US Army

Navy Pilots Keep Seeing UFOs Because They're Real

America Once Planned to Nuke the Moon

ICYMI: Why QANON Matters And Why It Won't Go Away

America's War In Somalia Is Heating Up Again

Japan's Surprisingly Large Military

Romanticizing History Can Be Worse Than Repeating It

Can Psychonauts Win America’s Wars?

How A Legendary Black Samurai Became an Anti-Imperialist Icon

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The History of Preparing for Nuclear War

The Era of Shitposting White Nationalist Terrorism

The War In America's Backyard

Everything You Know about Putin (and Russia) Is Wrong

The Arms Business is Booming

Breaking Down Complex Conflict Between India and Pakistan

The Secret History of the Pentagon's Hollywood Studio

The Kurds are In a "Double Colonial Bind"

This Is (Not) Sparta!

What Cigarettes Tell Us About the Military-Industrial Complex

The Syrian Revolution Is Over, but the War Rages On

A Green Beret Cyber Ninja, The Avengers of Terrorism, and the Missile Defense Review

The Unsung Heroes of the National Guard

Goodbye to Jason Fields and Thanks for All the Podcasts

ICYMI: Erik Prince's Terrible Plan for Afghanistan