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Nov 2, 2021Liked by Matthew Gault, Jason Fields

Simple and jingoistic. Not wrong, necessarily, but I expect a lot less snark and a lot more thoughtful commentary if you guys choose to write on a topic. If it's important enough to write about. If it's not, you don't have to. Its not like you all are Ezra Klein who has no choice bc his paycheck depends on it. The cool thing about War Is Boring (Angry Planet) is that AP ranges a wide variety of topics and dives deep into interesting things that aren't obvious or widely covered. And do so with expertise and analysis. This post is disappointing in all those parameters. Please don't make this the new way, it would make me very personally sad to see one more oasis of deep thought reduced to the reflexive surface level status quo towards which we are racing as a culture. With respect, a long time loyal reader and listener.

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