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Why War Never Changes

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Why War Never Changes

The more war changes, the more it stays the same. Why old tactics rule the battlefield in Ukraine.

trenchline at the battle of bakhmut. viktor borinets photo

You may have noticed that we end our show with a snippet of the video game Fallout (my favorite). “War - war never changes.”

What if that’s both true and not true? You have to love a dichotomy. Anyway, we are lucky today to have University of Chicago professor Paul Poast on the show. He looks at foreign policy—war—using statistics to make some sense of it all.

This is a break down of why wars popular on the history channel (World War II, the Civil War) aren’t indicative of how wars are actually fought. The smaller proxy wars the U.S. and Russia have been fighting for the past 30 years are the status-quo, not some new kind of conflict.

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