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We're All Wrong About Civil War in America

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We're All Wrong About Civil War in America

OK. We promise. This is the last one about a pending American Civil War. For a while. We swear. Unless something changes.

But after our last substack dispatch I wanted to get a different voice in here. I’ve been feeling … not optimistic, exactly. Just, weary. Weary of anyone who wants to tell us that we’re all doomed. Weary of anyone who says America is on an inevitable course towards a civil conflict.

That’s why we’ve brought on James Pogue. Pogue is an award winning Journalist whose work has appeared in The New York Times, Vice, and The New Republic. He’s a Pulitzer Grant recipient and the author of the book Chosen Country: A Rebellion In the West.

His piece that caught our eye appeared in UnHerd. Its’ titled This is not how civil wars start.

image: Myotus photo.

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