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Nuclear War and Imagining the Unimaginable

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Nuclear War and Imagining the Unimaginable

The world is building new nuclear weapons after decades of détente. Why?
15-megaton Castle Bravo explosion at Bikini Atoll, March 1, 1954. U.S. DoE photo.

The U.S. is spending $2 trillion to overhaul its nuclear weapons. China is building ICBM silos in the desert. Russia has spent the last ten years talking about its fancy new nukes. After decades of drawdown, the world’s great powers are reversing course and rebuilding their nuclear arsenals. We have forgotten the power and terror of these weapons.

W.J. Hennigan of The New York Times wants the world to remember. 

On this episode of Angry Planet, Hennigan discusses the Time’s new series: At the Brink. He’s spent the last year interviewing experts about the threat of nuclear war. His reporting asks its reader to imagine the unimaginable.

Nuclear War Is Called Unimaginable. In Fact, It’s Not Imagined Enough.

How America Made Nuclear War the President's Decision

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