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How (Not) To Plan Coup in Venezuela

How (Not) To Plan Coup in Venezuela

Bellingcat’s Giancarlo Fiorella is here to walk us through what may go down in history as the dumbest attempted coup of all time. On May 3, American mercenaries and Venezuelan exiles attempted to enter the country with the goal of overthrowing the Maduro regime. It didn’t go well.

  • The Associated Press busted your coup but you went ahead anyway?

  • What the hell is Silvercorp USA?

  • A contract is great, but it’s not the same as paycheck.

  • Who brings an Airsoft rifle to a warzone?

  • Rember Óscar Alberto Pérez?

  • How does Maduro stay in power?

  • Why Venezuela became one of America’s favorite political footballs.

With us today Giancarlo Fiorella. Fiorella is an investigator and journalist who’s been covering the story at Bellingcat. His May 5th and May 7th articles at Bellingcat demand to be read if you want to understand the weird comedy of errors playing out in Venezuela right now.

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