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Checking In On the Online Nazis With Jason Wilson

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Checking In On the Online Nazis With Jason Wilson

Whatever happened to the alt-right? They’ve rebranded and doubled down on racism.
A reconstructed Viking chieftain's longhouse at the Lofotr Viking Museum in Lofoten, Norway. Jörg Hempel photo.

American politics was bizarre in 2016. Alt-right figures dominated many news cycles and shared pictures of cartoon frogs online. A lot of those personalities, like Baked Alaska and Richard Spencer, flamed out and vanished from the scene. But there’s always money to be made and political power to be gained by playing to people’s base fears and a new brand of online far right weirdo has risen to take their places.

On this episode of Angry Planet we check in on the so-called “New Right” with investigative journalist Jason Wilson. Wilson has chronicled far-right movements for years and recently exposed some of their thought leaders in The Guardian. If you want to learn why some people care about the “longhouse” or the importance of online anonymity when spreading weird ideas online, then this is the episode for you. 

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